About Joan Chatfield.

The One & Only Sr. Joan Chatfield


Some people go through life just worried about themselves, while others do everything they can to make the world around them a more caring, warm, and overall better place for everyone possible. Esteemed educator, Sister Joan Chatfield was well known and highly respected as a compassionate and wise community leader who readily spoke out against social injustice. She was a mentor who brought people together from all cultural, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds to share and celebrate similarities and differences. One could say that Sr. Chatfield's altruistic behavior was the reason why she was recently named one of Hawaii's "Living Treasures." She devoted much of her free time and energy to the art of giving to others, and worked with some of the area's most life cultivating organizations, such as Global Youth Center Hawaii, and The Institute for Religion and Social Change.

"I have never wanted to be a selfish person," commented Sr. Chatfield. "I have been blessed to have the opportunity to have a positive influence magnified by the existing efforts of some wonderful people." 

A Living Legend


Sr. Chatfield's favorite place to spend her time and energy was always with The Maryknoll Sisters, by spreading God's words, and helping children who live in impoverished communities. She also liked to amplify the works of Fr. Anthony de Mello, SJ to teach love meditation that breaks down many of the problems which torment people in life. 

A Symbol of Faith & Love


Sr. Chatfield was the director emeritus of Interfaith Hawaii Organizations, whose mission is to show the universal truth that can be delivered in multiple forms, and put an end to religious feuding, discrimination, and bigotry. She stands strongly on many issues of justice and seeks to foster understanding between faiths to promote an all-inclusive love and compassion for all humankind.